Academic Program


Our academic program is conducted during a 6-week period while students are in residence on the Tsinghua University campus. Students will engage with the history and society of China from both Chinese and American perspectives. One week of the program will involve a community service project.

  • Top Professors - Some of China’s best professors will be lecturing in this program. All teaching is in English.
  • Experienced Mentor- The Resident Director, an experienced teacher knowledgeable about China, will conduct tutorials, supervise field trips, and mentor all course participants.
  • Seasoned Corporate Executives - American executives with extensive China experience, who are based in Beijing, will conduct some important seminars for the group.

Contemporary Chinese History & Society (4 semester credits) 

The Contemporary Chinese History & Society Program in Beijing is designed to help students develop an understanding of China’s immense transformation, its role as a world superpower, and the global implications of its growth. The program also helps equip students to be intercultural bridge-builders between the American and Chinese people. 

Tsinghua professors will begin the course with an overview of the historic and cultural foundations shaping contemporary China, including the early development of Chinese civilization, cultural exchange along the Silk Road, hallmarks of traditional China, early East-West exchanges, and the historic significance of China on the world stage. They will then guide students through the modern development of China from the mid-1800’s to the present. There will be an emphasis on understanding the worldview of the Chinese people through their interactions with the West. This interdisciplinary course also provides insight into China’s non-profit and religious sectors.

The course offers a total of 24 lectures by Tsinghua professors and other local experts in their fields, integrated with 12 cultural and historic site visits, a service project, and other experiential learning activities.

Credit Transfer 

All students who successfully complete this course will receive an official Tsinghua transcript with 4 course credits. While Tsinghua is an internationally renowned institution and its credits are typically recognized by American colleges and universities, students who wish to participate in this program are responsible for contacting their Study Abroad Director, University Registrar, or other relevant representative at their home institution to ensure the credits will transfer for their program of study.

For more information on course content and field trips, download the course syllabus.