Shanghai, China: Fudan University

Session 1: China & World Affairs - International Relations & Economics 

Session 2: Chinese Language Study

Session 1: 

The China & World Affairs Program in Shanghai is a 4-week summer study abroad program that is based at Fudan University, one of China’s premier institutions of higher learning. The program is designed to help students understand China’s role as a major power in the global economy and in international affairs. Students will learn how different Chinese and Western worldviews have shaped Sino-American relations from 1949 to the present, and how future cooperation can be achieved through better intercultural understanding.

The program offers 4 credits of academic coursework along with experiential learning opportunities. Field studies include visits to Chinese and multinational companies and social service organizations and a one-week service project in a migrant school -- where students will learn about migrant education and economic development, and build new friendships with Chinese young people.

Session 2: 

The Chinese Language Study Program, hosted by Fudan University, offers courses at the 100 - 400 university levels, and is taught by qualified Fudan University faculty. Students take a placement exam to match their Mandarin level with an appropriate class.

This session offers Mandarin language studies at eight levels - elementary to advanced. Chinese courses include: Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking, Composition, and Introduction to Modern Chinese.

The Location

Shanghai is one of China's largest cities with a population of 16 million people. It is the financial, industrial, high technology, and commercial center of the country. Shanghai (which means “on the sea”) serves as the gateway to the Yangtze River basin and is one the world’s largest seaports. With billions of dollars invested in the city by the government and by Chinese and foreign companies, Shanghai is emerging as a new global financial and business center, rivaling Hong Kong and other Asian power centers.

Shanghai is not only a showcase for China’s rapid modernization, it is also a historic and dynamic city with a rich cultural heritage. Shanghai has a distinctly cosmopolitan flavor with thousands of foreign-owned businesses, and expatriates from all around the world. As a major hub of the new global economy and one of the most important international Asian cities, Shanghai is an ideal location for the China & World Affairs Program.

For more information on Shanghai, visit Lonely Planet: Shanghai.

The Host Institution

Fudan University is one of China’s most internationally prominent institutions and generally considered the third-ranking university of the country. Founded in 1905, it is located on a modern and beautiful campus in the northeastern section of the city. Like Tsinghua, Fudan boasts of many prominent government officials, scholars and business leaders among her graduates.

As a comprehensive university, Fudan has 35 departments in seven schools. It is well known for its exchange and linkages with universities around the world. In the last 20 years, Fudan has organized over 100 international conferences where many prominent statesmen and former heads of state have delivered speeches. The School of International Relations & Public Affairs that hosts our program is one of the best in this field in China. Every year the University receives thousands of international students. The surrounding community is safe and pleasant, with easy access to the city’s mass transit system.