International Scholarship Program

2014 pilot at Berkeley & Stanford

This program offers college students opportunities
to become socially conscious global leaders
in business, education, government, health & social services, science & technology, etc.

Through three rigorous summer programs
and quarterly seminars throughout their college career,
they will learn from their local cohort and mentors as well as student leaders abroad.

International Exposure in China – Summer 2014

  • 3 weeks of cultural exchange and rural community service together with local Chinese student leaders
  • 3 weeks of China Studies (history, society and economics) at a top university (Tsinghua or Fudan) to earn 2 academic credits that will be transferable to most U.S. schools

Internship or Research in the U.S. or Overseas – Summers 2015 & 2016

  • Students are free to pursue any internship or research project of their interest
  • The program will help place students in the following:
    • China internships - business, IT, orphanage, social enterprise, etc.
    • Internships with city, state or federal government
    • Urban or rural community service in the U.S.
  • If the internship or research project is not funded by other sources, students with financial need may apply for travel grants and stipends.
Quarterly Seminars in the Bay Area
  • meet mentors in business, law, medicine, public service, technology, etc.
  • network among students and alumni of the program

Community Projects in the Bay Area

  • annual projects to serve the local community
  • student initiatives with program support and guidance

      Selection of 8 to10 students from each campus by March 15
      Orientation & first seminar with the executive director of a non-profit organization
      Summer Program in China
      Seminar with a senior scientist of a Fortune 500 company
      Seminar with a medical school faculty member


  • The program will cover all costs including international travels for summer 2014.
  • In addition, there are need-based scholarships available for those who qualify.
  • Over 3 years, the program may invest up to $15,000 in each student.
  • Be a part of an intimate cohort and a network of international young leaders.
  • International exposure to acquire cross-cultural competence and college credits from a prestigious Chinese university such as Tsinghua in Beijing or Fudan in Shanghai.
  • Support for summer internships or research in your own areas of interest either in the U.S. or overseas.
  • Overseas and domestic community service experience.
  • Learn from accomplished professionals for guidance and mentorship.
  • Students may withdraw from the program any time after summer 2014


  • Lower division students with cumulative GPA 3.5 or above are welcome to apply.
  • Please complete online application (downloadable PDF) before the Feb. 28 deadline

Sponsored by PESi

Funded by Vision New America
Vision New America aims to increase civic participation among underrepresented groups through our public policy internship program, educational forums and community events

For further information, please contact:
Liliana Li
Cell: (415) 307-9270